Musicians Needed!

Hello fellow members. I have a few clients of mine that are in need of musicians for there band. I love being able to use this as an tool to help and connect others. If you are interested and dedicated please respond so we can set up a day to introduce you. First things first I am looking for….

  • A guitar player, more specifically blues. This client has been in the biz for many years and his artist just retired. He is looking for someone that is very experienced and specializes in blues and jazz. Your gigs will mainly be in Austin, but every once in awhile you will travel to surrounding cities and states.
  • I am also looking for a drummer. This client is a punk rock/ alternative band. They are kind of new to the business but they are very promising. They have a very unique sound that mixes some electronics with traditional rock. I have a feeling they will go far in this industry.

That is all I am looking for, for now. But please make sure to check this site regularly as I am always in need of an artist in different fields for my clients. Please only respond if you are already experienced in playing these instruments and genres, as we will NOT train you. But do not be discouraged if you are looking to learn an instrument or perfect your skills LGTalent has plenty of resources to help you with that!


Amazing Austin Artist!

Austin…..The live Music Capital of the World! On any given night, restaurants and venues are packed with some of the best music around, in every genre.  We have so many promising and powerful artist in this city, that it’s almost impossible to keep up with them all. I try to do my best at following and supporting local artist, but there always seems to be ones I’ve never heard of. Here are a few local bands that everyone from this city should know of!

  • Gary Clark Jr.- The first time I saw Gary live, it brought tears to my eyes. The way this man rips the guitar is very unique and soulful. He has an amazing voice and brings life to jazz and rock and roll, a genre that’s dying.  Eric Clapton names him his favorite guitar player! This is such a unique artist that I recommend to literally everyone young and aged!
  • Spoon- One of my all time favorite bands!
  • The Black Angels-  Formed in 2004, this psychedelic rock band has played all over the country. They successfully have successfully released 4 studio albums.
  • Shakey Graves- Started out as a one man band, but has added musicians to his act. He has a very unique raspy voice. His sound is mixed with blues, country, and rock.
  • Whiskey Shivers- Usually barefoot, these men know how to put on a show! If you ever get a chance to see them live…take it. Not only is a great music but there very entertaining mixing blue grass with punk rock.

I hope you got the chance to check out these great local bands, are there any that you suggest?

Using Music With Troubled Teens


Music has benefited me in so many ways. I kind of had a rough childhood and was put in many harmful and unsafe situations. I didn’t have any friends at school either, so I was never able to talk to anyone or vent about what was going on in my life. The one thing that saved me and allowed me to escape was music. I always had my headphones on or was writing lyrics to songs. It helped me get out a lot of my frustrations and anger towards life.


There are many warning signs and signals you should look out for in your teen. But remember not to put too much pressure on the individual about there actions because at this age a lot of it has to do with hormones. But if one is getting in trouble at school, suffers from depression, or has a hard time communicating, now would be the time to lightly intervene.


  • Get the individual a cool journal and pen. Suggest to write poems and songs, which will have them expressing there feelings without them even knowing it.
  • Invest in music classes, and let them choose there own instrument. It has been proven time and time again that it enhances many skills and relieves stress.

  • Get involved with the music there into at the moment. Ask them about there favorite songs and show them some of yours when you were growing up. This will be a fun activity that strengthen your relationship and open communication.
  • Take them to concerts! No matter what I am going through at the moment or how upset I am, whenever I am listening to live music I have no worries in the world! For that moment nothing is important and nothing matters. It kind of gives your brain a break while having fun at the same time.

Come Join Us For A Night of Magic

Calling all Creative Passionates…..

WHAT: A night to introduce your self or your group with like minded people and connect to further pursue your dream! We’ll have food and drinks all you have to do is mingle and network. This is a place where you can meet others and collaborate or barter!

WHEN: Saturday the 22nd, 2017 at 8:00 pm.

WHERE: Straufmann Hall, 8612 N. Hill Hollow, Austin Tx, 78921

WHO: Artist, musicians, models, and any other creative persons that have a talent or are in need to meet someone with similar skills.

RSVP: Please contact Lauren Garcia at 512-445-4564 to reserve a spot. Please know that this is not a spectator event, this is an active conference and we ask that only members and dedicated potential participants sign up to ensure space for those that need it. We are looking for performers for the night as well, so please let us know when calling if you are interested!

Its Time To Turn Your Dreams Into A Reality

5 Ways to Spark Your Creativity!

As an artist we want to create beautiful and inspiring work. It’s our passion…our dream. At the same time its very common to reach a point where you feel like you’ve almost run out of ideas. or just don’t feel motivated( that’s my problem. ) Its especially haunting having your previous work right in front of you and knowing what your capable of. It happens to all of us, but next time your not feeling motivated or inspired, experiment with some of these ideas!

  1. Take a freaking walk! I know it sounds crazy but trust me. Being out in nature does something to us, that’s where were suppose to be. I don’t know if its the fresh air or the vitamin D from the sun but it always helps me be in tune with my thoughts. Go to the park, lake, or just sit out on a patio.
  2. Try new things! Explore other genres or types of work that are in the same business as you. This will open your mind to possibilities you didn’t think of which will give you a unique vision. For instance if your a hip hop artist, go see some jazz!
  3. Also do things that are creative that’s not in your chain of work. For example if your a musician, try painting. If your a chef, try carpentry. This will open new doors in your mind allowing room for discovery! 
  4. Keep a journal with you at all times, and write everything! Drawings, poems, and any thoughts you have. Even if you think its stupid and you know you won’t use it. The point here is getting the juices flowing and getting that idea out of your brain to allow room for a more suitable idea.
  5. Try to stay away from reality TV and too much social media. I know its tempting…but lets be honest, it’s toxic for your brain. These days a lot of us need it for your business or networking, but try to only use it when needed. Write your e-mail or check your followings AND GET OUT!

I hope these ideas will spark a beautiful light within your mind and help you along your way to success and happiness. Check out this blog for more suggestions , and please give me some ideas I didn’t mention on sparking creativity?

This Amazing Thing Called Music

A Little History: Austin is frequently called the music capital of the world. Music has been one of the most important factors of many lives throughout history and has helped various societies. One of the best ways to understand the importance of music on society is to experience it first hand. There have been many studies of which the conclusion is that music contributes to the general health of a person.

Where did it derive from: Societies throughout history have produced many types of music these variations on types of music can be based upon many factors of which can be the history of the region or nation, the makeup of the nation, race, sex, gender identity, health, religion, and many more. There are many reasons for a person or group of persons to produce music one of the most prevailing reasons one can induce is fellowship.

Why Do We Create It: Many people use music to belong to some collective that is bigger than just themselves. Throughout the centuries people have used religion to create music, make improvements along with producing new types of musical instruments. So one might ask why does that matter, we live in the present.

Well there are many songs that when examined closely can tell us about the past, one such example is Ring Around the Rosie.This song has been associated with the black death which can tell us about the problems and uncertainty of the time. The destruction of the plague on the population at the time was very hard to comprehend in today’s standards, one can attempt to equate it to the Ebola virus now, but even that can’t really compare to what happened then, because we have many ways to attempt to contain the problem, along with advanced knowledge of the disease and technology. It is a good example of people using music in an attempt to escape what is happening at the time. So, how do you think music has helped humans in the past?

5 Ways A Band can Promote Themselves!

A LITTLE ADVISE: As an upcoming band starting out in the business, you need all the connections and financial hookups you can get. Fortunately we live in a day where you are able to promote your self and create your own market. Here are a few ways you can put your self out there on a garage band budget.

5 Easy Steps….

  1. Create Social Media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This is the best tool for getting the attention of a large audience which in turn will create a following. Once you grab there attention, this is a way to keep your fans interested and informed. You can post things like concert dates, tours, different projects your working on, and selling your merchandise. Perhaps the best part of social media…it’s FREE! Here is another blog you can read to help you more with this:

  2. Offer free downloads- its an easy way to get potential fans to listen to your work. Of course your broke too, but if you put one free song to every five songs you make you’ll create a wide range of listeners. You can also put them out for donation instead of for free.
  3. Create a name and logo to represent your band! This is a very important step to get your band noticed. Read this blog for more tips.
  4. Make an LP or single, get recorded! This is a very important step for your band. It can be pricey but with programs like Protools and Garage Band, it’s an easy way to turn an extra room into a studio!
  5. Do something musically every single day! Keep practicing, commit to free shows, writing lyrics down, or networking. Just make sure you do something EVERYDAY!

WHERE TO START? You can start by getting with your band and talking about these ideas, and make a list of goals you want to accomplish. Be open minded and and give everyone a chance to voice there opinions and suggestions!

Start Networking Today! This is the most important thing you can do for your self or your band. Get connections, get followers, get busy! No one is going to do the foot work for you, the earlier in your career you understand that, the better off you’ll be! Cheers, and Good Luck! In case I missed any, are there any tools or suggestions you have to help others reach there goal in the music industry?