A Brief Explanation of Stars

Our Sun

We see the sun everyday and feel the heat against our skin. What is the sun? How is it related to the stars in the sky?

Let’s go through the first question the sun is a close star and the stars in the sky are far away suns, but there are many different types of stars along with different lights that are in the sky, in other words not all lights in the sky are stars, some are quasars, supernovae, and black holes of which do not actually emit light but actually we can see the light around them.


There are many types of stars dwarf, giant, x-ray, and many others. The sun is a yellow dwarf; it is a dwarf star because it is small compared to the size of other stars in the universe and yellow because of the specific light emitted from it as we can see every day. Stars live and they die just like everything else in this universe

A star is formed when there is a large amount of hydrogen in one central spot and there is a point where the mass of the hydrogen ball cannot support itself anymore and nuclear fusion begins. A star can live as long as it has some form of fuel, for most of its life a star will consume it’s fuel in the form of hydrogen. Once the sun run’s out of hydrogen it will then consume its helium, then nitrogen and so on until it reaches iron, because iron is so tightly bound that no energy can be extracted from it that is where the star dies. Our sun will live to be around 11 billion years old, which is about twice its current age. The most massive stars only live a few hundred thousand to a few million years and when these stars die they produce supernovae and black holes.

A supernova is an explosion that can outshine the entire galaxy that it is a part of. A black

hole is still somewhat unknown as to what it really is, some believe it to be portals to another universe or solar system and others believe that it is a complete destruction of all matter at a single point.

Our sun is a factory of life although it may not feel like it because of the fact that we can’t even look directly at it without suffering severe damage, but without it there almost definitely wouldn’t be life because we all need to have the sun providing energy for us to absorb and allow for the plants to receive which in turn produces oxygen. How and when do you think the human species will end?