Musicians Needed!

Hello fellow members. I have a few clients of mine that are in need of musicians for there band. I love being able to use this as an tool to help and connect others. If you are interested and dedicated please respond so we can set up a day to introduce you. First things first I am looking for….

  • A guitar player, more specifically blues. This client has been in the biz for many years and his artist just retired. He is looking for someone that is very experienced and specializes in blues and jazz. Your gigs will mainly be in Austin, but every once in awhile you will travel to surrounding cities and states.
  • I am also looking for a drummer. This client is a punk rock/ alternative band. They are kind of new to the business but they are very promising. They have a very unique sound that mixes some electronics with traditional rock. I have a feeling they will go far in this industry.

That is all I am looking for, for now. But please make sure to check this site regularly as I am always in need of an artist in different fields for my clients. Please only respond if you are already experienced in playing these instruments and genres, as we will NOT train you. But do not be discouraged if you are looking to learn an instrument or perfect your skills LGTalent has plenty of resources to help you with that!


Amazing Austin Artist!

Austin…..The live Music Capital of the World! On any given night, restaurants and venues are packed with some of the best music around, in every genre.  We have so many promising and powerful artist in this city, that it’s almost impossible to keep up with them all. I try to do my best at following and supporting local artist, but there always seems to be ones I’ve never heard of. Here are a few local bands that everyone from this city should know of!

  • Gary Clark Jr.- The first time I saw Gary live, it brought tears to my eyes. The way this man rips the guitar is very unique and soulful. He has an amazing voice and brings life to jazz and rock and roll, a genre that’s dying.  Eric Clapton names him his favorite guitar player! This is such a unique artist that I recommend to literally everyone young and aged!
  • Spoon- One of my all time favorite bands!
  • The Black Angels-  Formed in 2004, this psychedelic rock band has played all over the country. They successfully have successfully released 4 studio albums.
  • Shakey Graves- Started out as a one man band, but has added musicians to his act. He has a very unique raspy voice. His sound is mixed with blues, country, and rock.
  • Whiskey Shivers- Usually barefoot, these men know how to put on a show! If you ever get a chance to see them live…take it. Not only is a great music but there very entertaining mixing blue grass with punk rock.

I hope you got the chance to check out these great local bands, are there any that you suggest?