Using Music With Troubled Teens


Music has benefited me in so many ways. I kind of had a rough childhood and was put in many harmful and unsafe situations. I didn’t have any friends at school either, so I was never able to talk to anyone or vent about what was going on in my life. The one thing that saved me and allowed me to escape was music. I always had my headphones on or was writing lyrics to songs. It helped me get out a lot of my frustrations and anger towards life.


There are many warning signs and signals you should look out for in your teen. But remember not to put too much pressure on the individual about there actions because at this age a lot of it has to do with hormones. But if one is getting in trouble at school, suffers from depression, or has a hard time communicating, now would be the time to lightly intervene.


  • Get the individual a cool journal and pen. Suggest to write poems and songs, which will have them expressing there feelings without them even knowing it.
  • Invest in music classes, and let them choose there own instrument. It has been proven time and time again that it enhances many skills and relieves stress.

  • Get involved with the music there into at the moment. Ask them about there favorite songs and show them some of yours when you were growing up. This will be a fun activity that strengthen your relationship and open communication.
  • Take them to concerts! No matter what I am going through at the moment or how upset I am, whenever I am listening to live music I have no worries in the world! For that moment nothing is important and nothing matters. It kind of gives your brain a break while having fun at the same time.


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