5 Ways to Spark Your Creativity!

As an artist we want to create beautiful and inspiring work. It’s our passion…our dream. At the same time its very common to reach a point where you feel like you’ve almost run out of ideas. or just don’t feel motivated( that’s my problem. ) Its especially haunting having your previous work right in front of you and knowing what your capable of. It happens to all of us, but next time your not feeling motivated or inspired, experiment with some of these ideas!

  1. Take a freaking walk! I know it sounds crazy but trust me. Being out in nature does something to us, that’s where were suppose to be. I don’t know if its the fresh air or the vitamin D from the sun but it always helps me be in tune with my thoughts. Go to the park, lake, or just sit out on a patio.
  2. Try new things! Explore other genres or types of work that are in the same business as you. This will open your mind to possibilities you didn’t think of which will give you a unique vision. For instance if your a hip hop artist, go see some jazz!
  3. Also do things that are creative that’s not in your chain of work. For example if your a musician, try painting. If your a chef, try carpentry. This will open new doors in your mind allowing room for discovery! 
  4. Keep a journal with you at all times, and write everything! Drawings, poems, and any thoughts you have. Even if you think its stupid and you know you won’t use it. The point here is getting the juices flowing and getting that idea out of your brain to allow room for a more suitable idea.
  5. Try to stay away from reality TV and too much social media. I know its tempting…but lets be honest, it’s toxic for your brain. These days a lot of us need it for your business or networking, but try to only use it when needed. Write your e-mail or check your followings AND GET OUT!

I hope these ideas will spark a beautiful light within your mind and help you along your way to success and happiness. Check out this blog for more suggestions http://www.positivityblog.com/index.php/2007/11/09/8-ways-to-spark-your-creativity/ , and please give me some ideas I didn’t mention on sparking creativity?


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