This Amazing Thing Called Music

A Little History: Austin is frequently called the music capital of the world. Music has been one of the most important factors of many lives throughout history and has helped various societies. One of the best ways to understand the importance of music on society is to experience it first hand. There have been many studies of which the conclusion is that music contributes to the general health of a person.

Where did it derive from: Societies throughout history have produced many types of music these variations on types of music can be based upon many factors of which can be the history of the region or nation, the makeup of the nation, race, sex, gender identity, health, religion, and many more. There are many reasons for a person or group of persons to produce music one of the most prevailing reasons one can induce is fellowship.

Why Do We Create It: Many people use music to belong to some collective that is bigger than just themselves. Throughout the centuries people have used religion to create music, make improvements along with producing new types of musical instruments. So one might ask why does that matter, we live in the present.

Well there are many songs that when examined closely can tell us about the past, one such example is Ring Around the Rosie.This song has been associated with the black death which can tell us about the problems and uncertainty of the time. The destruction of the plague on the population at the time was very hard to comprehend in today’s standards, one can attempt to equate it to the Ebola virus now, but even that can’t really compare to what happened then, because we have many ways to attempt to contain the problem, along with advanced knowledge of the disease and technology. It is a good example of people using music in an attempt to escape what is happening at the time. So, how do you think music has helped humans in the past?


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