5 Ways A Band can Promote Themselves!

A LITTLE ADVISE: As an upcoming band starting out in the business, you need all the connections and financial hookups you can get. Fortunately we live in a day where you are able to promote your self and create your own market. Here are a few ways you can put your self out there on a garage band budget.

5 Easy Steps….

  1. Create Social Media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This is the best tool for getting the attention of a large audience which in turn will create a following. Once you grab there attention, this is a way to keep your fans interested and informed. You can post things like concert dates, tours, different projects your working on, and selling your merchandise. Perhaps the best part of social media…it’s FREE! Here is another blog you can read to help you more with this: http://www.seeksocialmedia.com/ways-to-grow-your-bands-fan-base/

  2. Offer free downloads- its an easy way to get potential fans to listen to your work. Of course your broke too, but if you put one free song to every five songs you make you’ll create a wide range of listeners. You can also put them out for donation instead of for free.
  3. Create a name and logo to represent your band! This is a very important step to get your band noticed. Read this blog for more tips. http://www.qualitylogoproducts.com/blog/25-posts-on-why-a-good-logo-is-essential/
  4. Make an LP or single, get recorded! This is a very important step for your band. It can be pricey but with programs like Protools and Garage Band, it’s an easy way to turn an extra room into a studio!
  5. Do something musically every single day! Keep practicing, commit to free shows, writing lyrics down, or networking. Just make sure you do something EVERYDAY!

WHERE TO START? You can start by getting with your band and talking about these ideas, and make a list of goals you want to accomplish. Be open minded and and give everyone a chance to voice there opinions and suggestions!

Start Networking Today! This is the most important thing you can do for your self or your band. Get connections, get followers, get busy! No one is going to do the foot work for you, the earlier in your career you understand that, the better off you’ll be! Cheers, and Good Luck! In case I missed any, are there any tools or suggestions you have to help others reach there goal in the music industry?


Repeating History

Understanding History

Why is history important in our everyday life? If you have studied history before it is an easy question to answer, if not there are a few reasons that it is very important. Have you heard in the saying that history tends to repeat itself?

The recent financial collapse of America is the prime example of history repeating itself. The collapse of the American economy is widely attributed to the de-regulation of the stock

market in the 1990’s. Regulation of markets allow for specific restraints on what people and businesses can do. One might come to the conclusion that this has happened before and that would be correct, in fact it happened many times throughout civilization. The most recent financial calamity happened due to the de-regulation of the markets, but the great depression that started in 1929 was far greater although that wasn’t caused by de-regulation it was caused by little to no regulation. The most recent collapse could have been avoided if there was more regulation of the stock market and the great depression could have been avoided if there was an understanding of what happened before that, there were many crashes throughout the history of the United States.

We’re not the only ones

Throughout the history of society there have been many civilizations that prospered then

collapsed. The Hittites were a society started around 1900 B.C. lasting for around three centuries and located in modern day Turkey and Syria. This is a prime example of the rise and collapse of a civilization but just because it collapsed doesn’t mean that we can’t learn anything from them. The society was a very strong force in the region at the time that conquered many other cultures. The decline of that society is attributed to many factors but the most apparent of this was disease brought upon them due to their conquest of Egypt. This is another example of the possibility of history repeating itself. We must look at the past in order to hopefully prevent future disasters that have happened previously. When will we learn from the past and apply it to the present for a better future?

A Brief Explanation of Stars

Our Sun

We see the sun everyday and feel the heat against our skin. What is the sun? How is it related to the stars in the sky?

Let’s go through the first question the sun is a close star and the stars in the sky are far away suns, but there are many different types of stars along with different lights that are in the sky, in other words not all lights in the sky are stars, some are quasars, supernovae, and black holes of which do not actually emit light but actually we can see the light around them.


There are many types of stars dwarf, giant, x-ray, and many others. The sun is a yellow dwarf; it is a dwarf star because it is small compared to the size of other stars in the universe and yellow because of the specific light emitted from it as we can see every day. Stars live and they die just like everything else in this universe

A star is formed when there is a large amount of hydrogen in one central spot and there is a point where the mass of the hydrogen ball cannot support itself anymore and nuclear fusion begins. A star can live as long as it has some form of fuel, for most of its life a star will consume it’s fuel in the form of hydrogen. Once the sun run’s out of hydrogen it will then consume its helium, then nitrogen and so on until it reaches iron, because iron is so tightly bound that no energy can be extracted from it that is where the star dies. Our sun will live to be around 11 billion years old, which is about twice its current age. The most massive stars only live a few hundred thousand to a few million years and when these stars die they produce supernovae and black holes.

A supernova is an explosion that can outshine the entire galaxy that it is a part of. A black

hole is still somewhat unknown as to what it really is, some believe it to be portals to another universe or solar system and others believe that it is a complete destruction of all matter at a single point.

Our sun is a factory of life although it may not feel like it because of the fact that we can’t even look directly at it without suffering severe damage, but without it there almost definitely wouldn’t be life because we all need to have the sun providing energy for us to absorb and allow for the plants to receive which in turn produces oxygen. How and when do you think the human species will end?

Why is Music Important!


What is music? The answer to this can be subjective as we are not all created the same and have different viewpoints in this life.

      The best place to start is by understanding the definition, according to Merriam-Webster online the first full definition is “a : the science or art of ordering tones or sounds in succession, in combination, and in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity b : vocal, instrumental, or mechanical sounds having rhythm, melody, or harmony”.

A Little History

        Now that we know the definition, lets discuss where it began. The Copernicus Science lonline dates the oldest known musical instruments was somewhere between 50,000 and 30,000 B.C. When musical instruments were made of rocks, wood, or even animal bones. One item that must be discussed is religion, because for many centuries music and religion were very much entwined. Under the rule of Constantine Christianity was declared the official religion of the Roman Empire and as a result music flourished. In the 17th century the renaissance was another period that brought many new avenues of musical integration and progress of which was that it was more harmonious, but there also was a progression of secular music. The next two centuries brought many composers and songs that we still listen to today; it was the period of the classical music of Beethoven, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky. This classical music period is also known as contemporary music when in comparison to the rest of history.                                                                            The First World War brought a new form of music; jazz, which took America by storm in the roaring twenties and is still a popular genre.  The electric guitar was introduced in 1936 which would bring many new forms of music most notably in the 1960’s with what most would call the “hippie” culture and produced many changes of which are still evident today. In the last part of the century came musical integration with computers that produced many new sounds of which could not be produced by humans and with advancements in technology come new ways of hearing music.

Now that we understand the definition and brief history we can tackle the original question. What is music? Music can be considered an expression of one’s self in the same way that a painting can give insight to a person’s thoughts and perspective. For me, music is life. There is no distinction between music and life, but this is only my opinion. Music changes everyday, and I am excited to see what the future holds! So… what does music mean to you?