Here’s a little about us!

WHO WE ARE: LG Talent is an Austin based company founded by Lauren Garcia. She is a local artist that enjoys gardening, cooking, making jewelry, recording, and playing the piano. The idea of this business came about after connecting multiple friends and acquaintances together for collaboration. That was it’s original purpose, but after years of local success it was decided to expand its resources through talent search and promoting.  LG Talent is responsible for introducing hundreds of people together which in turn produced an unmeasurable amount of self success and beautiful creations. We are always accepting family members and talent,  and joining is free. Once you join you can submit your videos or browse our talent.  If you need any clarification of what we do or just want to be nosey, please stop by our website

WHO WE WANT: Anyone that has ever dreamed, created, played an instrument, wrote a song, or painted a picture. If you enjoy your talents, and would like to see how you can perform, get a follwing,  and actually  maybe make some money from it…we can help you. Or at least give you the connection to someone that can help. So what are your talents?



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